6 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress?

Published on : November 11, 2018
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We, Solwin here has always asked this question very frequently by our users and customers.

Is WordPress good to setup an online store?

Is WordPress an ideal system or Magento? Or Shopify?

The answer is: Well, all these have wonderful features to offer and are great in their own way.

But, we have these points that are up to the edge and will make your thoughts clear about why you should choose WordPress for your online business.

1. It’s Free and will always be

WordPress is a free software and never takes a single penny for its services or offering platform. WordPress is easy to use and can be used to create any kind of website. Also, it offers open source which means you can modify and play as much as your want with the source code.

wordpress is open source

All you need to use WordPress is a domain and web hosting. No matter if you are a blogger or launching any online business, it is free and will always be for everyone. Currently, around 3000+ WordPress themes and more than 35,000 free plugins to make your experience best.

2. Customization options: As much as you want

As mentioned in above point, WordPress offers open source, which gives you access to learn, modify and create your website as you want.

Also, you can customize your themes and sections through Appearance > Customize.

wordpress cuastomization

And it is yet not over, thousands of WordPress plugins are waiting for you in case you want any additional functionality. You can grab it anytime, they are available on the tips of your hands.

3. It is the most popular and user friendly

There has to be some reason for more than 75 million active websites that run on WordPress, right?

According to us, WordPress is amazingly user-friendly, and the prime reason behind its popularity. Almost all the hosting companies offers WordPress installations on a single click.

Single Click Install WordPress

4. WordPress is easy to use and learn

WordPress is so easy that you will have no difficulty even if you are a total beginner.

It is used by millions of people and WordPress is expecting it to be billion soon.

wordpress statistics
Source: inboundrem.com

The core reason behind these counts is its extremely user-friendly panel and thousands of options to optimize your WordPress site. It is calculated that everyday thousands of new users are joining the Giant WordPress community with their WordPress powered websites.

5. It is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is super SEO friendly because of its structure and high quality code. After installing your website to WordPress, you can make it even more SEO friendly by using WordPress SEO plugins.

Google’s Matt Cutts said that

WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.

If you are looking forward to improve your rankings and get many organic traffic, WordPress is the ideal option.

Source: YouTube.com

6. WordPress handles all the different media types

WordPress is CMS but it has never believed in limiting to that. It is not at all just about writing text. It comes with built-in Media support that can handle all the major file format like, Images, Audio and Video content.

multimedia support wordpress

Also, it can be used for document and file management. WordPress supports Embedding enabled websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc that can make your things easy to easier.

Hopefully, we think that this blog will be useful and will clear your food for thought about confusion to choose a platform.

With numerous modifying options, plentiful plugins for amazing functionalities and flexible as much as you want, WordPress is by far the best platform to build your new website or online business.

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