From Blog Into A Brand: How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Brand

For some blogging is just a hobby but for some others, it is a form of business. A person can earn a decent amount from blogging. But, blogging turns into a thriving business when your blog turns into a brand. In today’s world where marketing has taken a front seat in business sectors, your product must offer a good brand. The better the brand, the better is its revenue-generating capacity.

To make blogging a brand one cannot simply take blogging as a hobby or a part-time job. It is important to give your full potential to it. The brand gives authenticity and value to the product in any business and blogging is no different in this regard.

blog into a brand

Moreover, when people have opinions about your blog, it will help in deciding the value of your brand. They may even buy products suggested in your blogs and that is how you get to know the power of your blog’s brand.

Blogs that are written casually without much research, efforts and professionalism may not be of much use to the readers. As a result, it will eventually not be able to help in building your blog-brand.

In short, to reach the zenith of your blogging profession it is needed that your blog provides a unique brand. There are several ways which one can follow to make your blog into a brand.

Build Around your Niche

Writing on varied subjects does not help determine the unique brand of your blog. If one writes about science, maths and then suddenly writes about exercise, lifestyle then readers will get confused about what to expect from your blog. Therefore, a blogger must choose his niche wisely because a niche will decide the future of the whole blog and brand.

If your niche is about lifestyle then your blog should contain relevant and informative content regarding it. Similarly, if your blog is about technology it should cover all the topics which a person could be searching for. This helps in pulling the targeted readers who need the information in the blog which will eventually build your audience.

Keep on delivering high-quality content on your niche and eventually, you will see that your blog is coming up on search results. You will get to control your niche and people would want your opinion, advice, and help to make decisions. As a result, your reputation will increase and you will make a name of your own, this way you can slowly make your niche into a brand.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Readers read for a purpose and when they like something they tend to come back to it. You need to focus your attention on helping these people in getting the information they are looking for. But, that is quite difficult if you are unaware of who is in need of help. There are several people with varied interests and you must decide and analyze who would be reading your blogs.

When you find the right audience you get to interact with them and publish content which will speak to them. They will find it useful and informative and they will feel like it is the right place to find information. Therefore, both of you will be satisfied.

blog into a brand

Every business has the statistics of the people who are purchasing their products or services. A toy brand knows who will buy its products and an Internet provider knows who will purchase which plan.

Therefore, when you know who is reading your blogs you will get to decide what to put in the blog which will grab their attention. You also get to choose affiliate links to the products which your audience will like to get for themselves. Similarly, many professional bloggers sell products of their own which helps them in making their brand more recognized.

In conclusion, finding the correct audience and knowing about them will get you closer to building a brand.

Build a Community

Once you have pulled the targeted audience, the next goal should be to build a community. It is quite difficult to build and maintain a community but the rewards are always the best. Your audience gets to discuss your blogs in detail, they get to interact with you and maintain a healthy environment.

As a result, it helps you make your blog relevant to everyone for a longer duration. This process keeps on building your relationship with your audience and helps you make a brand for your blog.

community blog into a brand

Everyone has their own opinions and their ideas and when people start to share them it makes the topic even richer in terms of knowledge. You cannot expect people to just keep reading your blogs, you must move forward and recognize your audience and interact with them.

Moreover, Community is a great way to let your blog spread throughout the Internet. Your followers share your blogs and they post links to other sites which surely bring in more people.

You have to have good relations with your audience by interacting online as well as organizing meetups. Meeting fans in person has and always will have a huge impact on them. In other words, regular meetups will prove that you care about your readers and it is not just a simple blog site.

In addition, you can ask for your audience’s opinions on certain decisions like deciding the topic of the next blog, deciding who will be the guest blogger for the week, etc. Their feedback will help you grow and will keep you updated on the latest trends as well. The community acts as one of the pillars of building a brand so keep this in constant check.

Implement Good Marketing

This is an era of marketing and every brand needs to be advertised into the world. Blogging is like any other business, where your blog needs to be marketed to make it a well-known brand.

A unique logo, punch lines, USP(unique selling proposition) of your blog’s brand help in differentiating your brand from the others. For instance, worldwide famous companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, BMW, Ferrari, etc. have their logos and tag lines. These help them define who they are, it also helps the masses to recognize the brand instantly.

Similarly, logos, taglines, writing styles in your blog help people to recognize your blog brand from any other competitor’s.

marketing blog

Simply writing your content and publishing it would not generate as much attention as needed. Blogging goes hand in hand with promotional activities.

Social media sites are hugely popular marketing tools these days. Therefore, use social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. to let people know about your blog. Once your blogs reach the targeted audience, they start to earn some recognition and in some time they turn into a brand. You can also build an email list and then use those to notify the people about the new blogs. All these show seriousness and legitimacy in your brand, which is very crucial in brand building.

Publish Fresh and Innovative Content

Your blog should provide readers with fresh and innovative content. If your content writing has good research in it and people are finding it useful, then you are on the right path of brand building.

Innovation does not mean that your niche has to be unique; it simply means bringing fresh and useful content to the people which was not available earlier. Even the simplest topics could yield great results if written with care and with your style of writing.

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Your blog content should be distinctive in the same way as any big brand is different from the local brand. The content of the blog should be remarkable such that it provides uniqueness to it.

Any brand in the market flourishes only when it offers a quality product or service. Therefore, your blog brand should provide high-quality content. People should get the answers they were looking for, they should enjoy the writing and it should be easily readable to them. Above all, they should be able to make decisions after reading your blogs.

To do all this you must take notes from experts in the niche and you must also bring the information which was never seen before. It is a difficult task but all the businesses have to bring in something unique to the market to distinguish them from the crowd.

In conclusion, keep on learning and experimenting, it will help you grow as a blogger and come out of the horde of blogs on the Internet.

Posting Strategy 

Consistency is a key factor in getting success in any walks of life. Similarly, to transform your normal blogs into a brand, consistency is imperative. In blogging, consistency depends a lot on your posting style. You cannot simply post your blogs in any irregular fashion. Nothing works without a definite plan and inconsistency will not yield the desired results. There should be a definite pattern of your posting. The targeted audience should have an approx idea of when to expect your blog.

Some bloggers post weekly, some bi-weekly or some even monthly. The choice is yours in this case. But, you should choose one thing and stick to it. At first, it may be difficult to post frequently which is fine as long as the quality is top-notch. In some time, you must become efficient in managing your time and thus you must push yourself to do better.

Plan your posting frequency

As a result, people will start to appreciate your hard work and will pay more attention to your blogs. Consistency shows professionalism and seriousness which are two factors seen in many businesses. It proves that your brand has value and legitimacy. It is a human tendency to get attracted to structure and form. When you give your audience these they will surely see your blog on much higher grounds. As a result, your blog will get goodwill which as we all know is essential in a brand name.

Creating a Professional Blog Design

A good blog design is the most important aspect of any blog. You cannot expect to retain users and readers for your website with an ugly blog layout. In fact, if you have a bad blog layout, chances are no matter how good articles you write, you will still end up with a huge bounce rate because users do not feel comfortable with the blog design.

Try to keep the design simple and easy to look at. A minimal design works the best. Moreover, you can take a look at competitor blogs and check their blog layouts to get an idea of the same.

Creating a blog can be a challenging task if you decide to code your way into it but with the tools available today, you can create a professional blog design easily without coding a single line. If you are running a WordPress website, you can use the Blog Designer plugin to customize your blog page easily with a couple of clicks. You get loads of layout to choose from and the ability to customize them easily with the given options. You can make the layout look the way you want. Check out the Blog Designer Plugin.

Stepping Into Merchandise Business

A blog generates income through many sources but when it comes to building your blog into a brand then your products are a must. Sponsored products or products through affiliated links are common sources of income for bloggers. But, when you want to grow further and have a profitable brand then you must launch your products or services.

For instance, you could sell ebooks, online courses, plugins, software, etc. Digital items are quite common and easy for handling transactions. Moreover, they are cheaper to build and sell to customers. If you are good at software development then your blog could help the readers on one side and your product could give them what they want on the other. Similarly, you can help them in getting the premium content through online courses about your niche.

merchandise blog into a brand

Your focus should be to help the readers and point them in the right direction. When your blog gives them answers and your product solves their problem then it is a win-win situation.

Moreover, you can also go for selling tangible products for your readers. It does require more effort and management on your side but the reward is equally better. Just like in digital items your physical items must also be focused on helping your readers.

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For example, if you write about fashion then you could start by selling hoodies and shirts to your audience with your brand logo or tag. If your blog is based on guides on health and nutrition then your product could be nutritious food items with your brand name.

Give this a good thought and analyze the market condition, your financial condition, and your daily schedule to decide what type of product you can provide to your audience.

Need of “About Us” Page

About us, the page has a huge impact on who you are and how authentic you are. You can browse any well-known website or a company website and you will find a detailed description of them. It gives the readers a good overview of what to expect from your blog. Communication and transparency are very essential in building a brand from scratch.

Above all, people have become aware and they want to know the person behind the blog site. A description of yourself will help them know this and they will be able to trust you. It should also contain your objectives and goals so your readers get the full picture of you and your blog.

In addition, you can include contact information for any queries whether business-related or otherwise. Make sure you include all the social media accounts and pages of your blog site. It is also quite common to place the writer’s brief description at the end of every blog. This gives readers a little idea about the writer and he can relate with the blog in a better manner.

Moreover, you can use the about us page to direct your readers to your merchandise site or your other sites. If the reader was not much interested in your blog he may show interest in your products or services. Handle your blog like a business and you will start to see how your work is being converted into a brand name.

Build a Strong Network

Networking is very essential in building your blog into a brand. You cannot achieve everything on your own and doing so will result in either failure or wastage of time. Therefore, you must focus on building networks with other experts in your niche. Start by following their blogs and then follow them on social media platforms. Compliment them on their work and try to exchange ideas amongst each other.

Little-by-little you will start to build a good relationship with others and you can even ask them if you could guest post on their blog site. Guest posting is a brilliant way to attract an audience and learn new things.

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Networking also helps you in knowing different sectors of people. People could help you in selling your merchandise; specialists could help you make your job easier. Every business requires strong connections to work efficiently and smoothly. So, don’t hesitate and get on with making some new friends.

Hire Experts for Specific Tasks

Many factors are to be kept in mind when building your brand name. So, it becomes a difficult task to handle everything with perfection. You can take care of this by hiring experts who are much better at the designated task than you. You can hire an SEO specialist to take care of the technical aspect of ranking your site. This way you can solely focus on writing and creating content.


In addition, many professionals hire editors, proofreaders, so that the content becomes the top quality for readers. You are building towards making your blog a brand so it is advisable to hire more writers, this will ensure a continuous flow of content through your blog site.

Keep on completing your goals and keep on growing so that your blog has not just you but many more working along-side you.


Blogging is an amazing business and you can achieve so much from it. You just need to put a lot of investment in time, money, and hard work to yield a good result. With the help of blogging, you can get recognition and fame and you will be able to achieve all this while following your passion to write.

Build authenticity and give the audience professional blogs. Sell your products to the people and keep on building a profitable brand. Communicate with the audience and build a healthy community around your blog. All these things when done with the utmost care and respect will give you astonishing results.

However, building a brand takes a lot of time and many people give up in the middle. So, constant dedication and consistency in your work are essential.

I hope that you like the tips and you can finally jump to the next step of making your blog into something bigger. Do share your thoughts on what you liked the most and how it will affect your blog.


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