Can I use more than one ad in one blog page?

Yes, you can use more than one ad in one blog page.

How to show particular ads in blog posts without repeat?

You have to choose normal ads and disable random ads from settings (under blog layout), now you can choose which ads you want to show as well as select x number of post.

Can I show an ad after 5 post and so on?

Yes, select ‘Repeated’ from Ads Settings disable random option, select ads from drop down which you want show then set 5.

Third party ads not showing or working?

Check their guidelines to use ads, add required script in header or footer of your website then copy and paste ad script code, iframe in ad code area.

Blog Designer Ads seems related to ads plugin but why it is named ‘Blog Designer Ads’?

Blog Designer Ads is an add-on plugin for a popular WordPress plugin Blog Designer Pro which has pre-build and customizable blog layout templates, archive layout templates, product layout templates etc. Blog Designer Ads enable ads features in those template layouts. It comes with various features which you can find in features section.

In few a template layouts there are overlapping issues with ads?

You have to check ads margin and padding. Don’t set too much margin or padding. You can set other options using class of that template layout.

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