What is 10x Content? How Can it Drive Traffic to My Blog?

How To Build 10x Content To Get More Traffic

More than 3 million! Yes, this is a number of blogs written every day. Today, as we rely more on smart devices and laptops for almost every task, the number of blogs across various domains is steadily increasing. No wonder why we find Google search pages have many posts and articles about the same topic these days. What you need is a website and writing skills to generate content for the online world.

But, here comes a twist in the tale. As we have tens of hundreds of blogs available on the same topic, it is difficult to come up with unique topics and styles of writing. Also, a challenge to drive traffic to your blog is getting bigger as competition intensifies. As a blogger, you have to face stiff competition with established blogs for key aspects. So, it is possible that even if your content is valuable, you may fail to draw the attention of readers.

As a blogger, you need to think of your target audience. It may sound weird but in the online world, a blog is also treated as a product that can make or mar your reputation. When you think of a target audience, you need to consider key aspects like their expectations, ability to consume your blog, and information they want to get from your blog. In other words, you need to give them all the reasons to trust you as a source of useful information that they cannot find in any blog. Remember, your competitors are keeping this factor in mind, and therefore, you also strive to write engaging and informative content.

While writing for your readers, you need to go the extra mile. Simply put, you need to make more efforts than your competitors in making high-quality content to drive traffic to your blog and ultimately, stand ahead of the curve. It is not sufficient nowadays that your content is also as good as that of your rivals. Here comes the concept of 10x content. Let’s understand this concept in detail.


10x Content- Write Ten Times Better!

The 10x Content concept is based on creating a content piece, which is 10 times better than your peers. Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz, has developed this concept with the claim that “good, unique content needs to die!” Let us understand his theory that consists of six different criteria to make 10 times better content.

1. Great UI and User Experience (UX)

The look and feel of your content are very important. UI and UX concepts involve both appearance and experience. In brief, it includes all the aspects ranging from your website’s design to the layout of every blog post. Remember, the Internet users do not read unattractive web pages as many attractive options are available online to read and consume. Web design can be a big cause of rejection.

A survey has found that as many as 94% of people reject a website because of its poor and unfriendly design.

On the other hand, a clean UI with simple navigation can make the website’s visitors feel comfortable. They can have a pleasant experience on your website and they like to spend more time on it. It also contributes significantly to increasing browsing and reading your blog posts.

2. High-quality and Interesting Content

When we think of 10x content, it should be of high-quality and interesting. Your blogs must be free from any grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes. You need to check the accuracy of the facts you share with the readers. It is advisable to support your claims by adding valid and relevant links to authentic sources. It can make your blog post trustworthy.
In brief, a writer or a blogger has to transform the dullest topic into engaging and user-friendly content. Only such content can drive traffic to your website. 10x content is aimed at increasing interest among the readers for a particular topic or theme. It is capable of making the reader nod in agreement and widens their eyes.

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3. It’s different!

Uniqueness is the secret sauce to the success of your blogs. Rewriting or even rephrasing may not help you in the long run. The concept of 10x content involves the originality of the post that makes it different than other similar content. For example, you can start a serious topic on a light note or write an anecdote before introducing a new topic in the blog. In other words, you need to work on serving the same purpose while making your post different than others.

4. Emotional response

A single blog can give you mixed feelings of joy, excitement, and inspiration. Your 10x blog should make the readers awestruck or dumbfounded. Your readers will certainly share it with others. In other words, you need to come up with the content that connects with your readers. Such a piece of content can evoke an emotional response and make you more credible as a writer.

You can also consider including a surprise element or X-factor in your blog. The reason is simple. The emotional center in our brain has a connection with the part of the brain that saves and retrieves memories. So, if your blog is capable of generating an emotional response, it remains more memorable. One of the ways to get an emotional response from your readers is to include sensory details. For example, you can add vivid details of the place and its surroundings while writing a travel blog. It can be anything ranging from sounds and visuals of the location.

Your personal story or a story based on a real incident and hypothetical event can also help you out to get an emotional response from the readers. This is known as a storytelling approach that makes your blog more engaging and interactive. It can connect with your readers’ life more effectively.

5. 10x Content- Solving a problem

10x content can drive traffic to blog for serving three different objectives- spreading awareness, helping people make decisions, or giving readers entertainment. It is, therefore necessary to make it as useful as possible for your readers while maintaining the flow of content until the end. A survey has revealed that 94% of people share useful content. If your blog becomes an answer to the question of readers, they will come to your blog for sure.

6. Unique Style

How about giving a presentation on something? You need to include various colors and verbal visualization in the blog while staying away from typical black text on a white background approach. However, you need to ensure that the creativity of your blog does not distract your readers from getting useful information.

Add more visuals

Graphs, infographics, and charts can make your content rich and unique. The next step is to include a video for expressing your thoughts in an audio-visual manner. However, all these aspects are based upon various factors including your target audience, company business, geographic location, budget, etc. Finally, you should remain vigilant while adding the video. It should be free from any misleading information or adult content.

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Benefits of 10x Content for My Blog/Website

The biggest benefit of 10x content is it can drive traffic to blog. It can help you significantly increase the number of readers by improving your website’s ranking. It is because the search engine giant Google favors high-quality content with more usefulness and user-friendliness. If you can produce content that is 10 times better than the best-ranking websites on Google, your blog certainly enjoys a higher ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

Also, people just love to share new and original content with interesting information.

A survey has revealed that 94% of people share a blog because they think it will help other people.

As the most informative, interesting, and helpful content, your 10x blog is worthy of sharing. What’s more, other bloggers will also like to link your blog from their posts. It will give you an advantage of inbound links, and your SEO efforts can get a boost from having additional readers.

Finally, 10x content can help you build your reputation and improve your online relationship with leaders. People will wait for your content as they cannot find unique and interesting content like your post anywhere. Remember, if you can develop a unique style for writing, you will certainly get an audience that loves your writing style. These loyal readers of your blog will like to stay updated and share your content on a regular basis.

You may wonder, how you can create such a content piece. Here we give you four useful steps for it.


Four Powerful Steps for Writing 10x Content

1. Define problems of your audience

First things first. As per your interest and knowledge, you need to identify the domains on which you can write effectively without putting many efforts. For example, if you are a fitness freak, you can write on health and fitness in a better and interesting way. After defining your writing domain, you need to identify the audience and their problems. You need to discover why people take more interest in your domain and what they want to find from different blogs.

Define problems

As an entrepreneur, you need to find out the problem that requires immediate attention and solve it through your blog. Related searches on Google can help you find the problem with your target audience. Alternatively, you can have a survey on social media channels or send emails to find out the necessary information that readers want to get.

2. Identify unanswerable questions

This is another important aspect to consider. Many bloggers try to identify the questions and then answer them. Therefore, you need to remain more specific and vigilant to identify the questions that are still unanswered. You can go for a simple Google search to know your competitors’ activities, or go through their posts and jot down their weaknesses or use Google Keyword Planner to find out the number of searches for a particular topic.

All these aspects will help you come up with a fresh and unique piece of content that can be widely acclaimed by online readers.

3. Present answer in a unique way

Uniqueness is always necessary when you write a blog or any post even for social media. If you want to give insights or useful information to people then also you need to give them in a way they like. You can go for extensive research before start writing and gather all the necessary details. Relevant and right information should be presented in an engaging and interactive way so that your readers can digest it and compel to share it with others.

Unique solution

Also, you can track the reach of your content on a regular basis to find out its impact on the users.

Extra Tip- Never forget to give links or refer sources when you mention any stats or figures.

4. Focus on the overall presentation

The overall presentation of your content matters a lot if you drive traffic to the blog. Your content should be easily readable and people should easily understand your thoughts. As per a Hubspot survey, 43% of people have admitted that they just skim blog posts.

You can keep the paragraphs short and straightforward without disturbing the overall flow of the blog. It is necessary to pay attention to your readers’ comfort while writing a blog. You can break up text with headers and italics. You can also include images and graphs whenever necessary.

Final tip- Read Jakob Nielsen’s tips for writing for the web.

Concluding Lines

At last, we will conclude with a small tip- don’t expect success overnight. Blogging is an ongoing process and as time passes, you will get recognition. Also, every piece of 10x content is not going to be popular, but it can help you improve your blogging performance. You need to stick to quality to face growing competition. In a nutshell, high-quality content written in an engaging manner can drive traffic to blog.

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