How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles?

Headline Writing Rules

Nowadays, blogging is not that simple as it used to be. There are more bloggers in every niche, and the competition is ever-growing.

Does this mean you can’t make a living as a blogger? Of Course not. You just need to know how.

The answer to this is very simple, make your headlines irresistible such that a person gets compelled to click on your blog title.

It is rightly said that one should take more time in preparation than the actual task itself. This thing fits with blogging as well, one should spend more time on writing the blog titles than actually writing the blog because it will be your headline and title that will make your blog be clicked on by potential readers.

Not many read the entire blog in one go, it’s the catchy headlines and titles that catch the reader’s eyes. So, one should primarily focus on the blog headings and titles.

Marketing has become an essential task in every domain these days. You need to do marketing to sell your product. Similarly, for a blogger, a blog is a product, and he has to do good marketing to sell his product.

Blog titles and headlines are the marketing tools for any blogger. It is the titles and headlines which make a way into the reader’s eyes. So the real emphasis should be put on making your headlines and blog titles the best.

The main aim of bloggers is to make their content spread widely across a larger audience. They want their content to be read by more and more number of people, so in such case the better the blog title, the more the number of clicks, which eventually will ensure their success in blog writing.

To write a good blog title is an art. It requires creativity. But this is not that much difficult task to handle. One can easily master this art by simply following the below-discussed tips:

1. Be specific with your title

Many bloggers are not specific with their headings and titles, and sometimes their headings deviate from the actual content, this creates vagueness which should not be the case with a good blogger.

A good blogger takes care of such things and makes sure that he presents the correct information to his readers.

The headlines and titles should be by the content of the blog. Readers get an overview by reading the title, so it should be concise, specific, and effective.

Be particular with the words used for headings and titles. The words used for titles should be familiar and attention-catching words that simultaneously should deliver the accurate meaning of the content of the blog.

Many blogs are generic, so in that case, working titles are helpful as it renders specificity to the blog title.

For example, a blog on nutrition is very generic, but one can provide uniqueness in its blog by giving it a suitable working title like:

  • Optimum calcium intake for women
  • Proper nutrients for a healthy growing child


2. Numbers are key elements

Headlines containing numbers in it are effective in grabbing the attention of the readers. Examples of headlines such as:

  • 5 simple tips to lose weight
  • 10 ideas to excel your business
  • 12 simple money-making techniques
  • The ultimate guide to starting loving your life in just 50 days
  • 30 thrilling adventures guide

These headlines, as you can see, have numbers that catch the eyes of many people. It is scientifically proven that our brain has a special mapping for recognizing numbers quickly.

The numbers assure the readers that the content they are looking for is available infinite points, which will be easy to read, and the readers would be able to skim through each point as per their requirement.

Numbers provide bifurcation of the content making the content feel systematic, organized, and to the point.

3. Keywords

Headlines and titles must contain keywords as it becomes easier for Google to find your blog and bring traffic to your site. Keywords help in making your blog post SEO friendly.

If your blog is about food then you should use words like recipes, best food items, quick 2-minute bite recipes in your title. If it is about pets then insert the keywords like cute paws, adopt a dog, tropical birds, etc. in your title. These types of keywords are targeted keywords, and it is conducive for your blog post.

The better the targeted keywords are, the simpler it gets for people to find your blog in any search engine. People search for their problems or information online, they ignore the titles that contain completely irrelevant or generic words like “Health Insurance Information.”This will just make it harder for readers to find your blog among the hundred using the same generic keyword.

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Try to research keywords and understand how they work. Some synonyms of the keywords are also very helpful for Google to find your blog.

A topic about food should have specific terminology (keywords) in its blog title to explain the type of food or type of recipe or any other info which the reader may require first to make up his mind in clicking on that blog.

A pizza recipe is a very common title and will become extremely difficult to find but using keywords like capsicum, red sauce pizza with onion and garlic pizza will bring in all the people who want that specific content.

Make sure that the keywords in your titles and headlines are trending at that specific point of time.


4. Practice

The general notion that practice makes a man perfect fits in every domain of life. To be able to write the most irresistible blog title so that users get tempted to click on your title, one must practice well.

To practice well, one must first observe. Make a note of headlines that attracts your attention. Make your friends and family read your blog titles and ask them to share their feedback with you. Pinpoint the reasons why one blog title amused them while the others didn’t.

Read pieces of stuff on the internet about the same. Collect the information and then process it in your brain. This helps in building creativity, and creativity is one of the main components in making catchy blog titles.

Make a habit to always write multiple titles so you could choose the best option available.

The art of writing the best blog titles that attracts a large number of clicks can be mastered by practicing.

Blogging requires time, and choosing an appropriate title for such a blog also takes time.

So, practice is a must.

5. Inserting trendy words

Inserting trendy words in your headlines grabs the eyeballs of large masses as people like to read about trending stuff and they click instantly on the title as they come across something trendy.

We usually search for data that contains something fresh and relevant information on the trending topics at any instant of time, so the blog titles should be able to convey the latest trends.

You must be active on your social media to know all about the trend that everyone is following. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit show ongoing trends.

Hot words also make the blog titles interesting, as these words in the blog titles and headlines make the blog look like something sensational, and it is eye-catching.

Readers usually go for something that seems interesting and unique to them.


6. Use of adjectives 

Using adjectives in your headlines and titles is one of the simplest ways of writing an effective title.

Adjectives create a powerful impact people click on those blog post titles that contain adjectives as they give some value to the blog.

Here is the list of some powerful adjectives that create impact when used in the titles accordingly:

  • Simple: Simple ways to reduce body fat
  • Beauty: Inner beauty
  • Revolutionary: A revolutionary change
  • Thrilling: The thrilling journey
  • Successful: How to become successful
  • Excellent: 5 tips to become an excellent scuba diver
  • Brave: A brave soldier
  • Sad: A sad story of Babita Kumari
  • Horrifying: A horrifying journey
  • Extraordinary: The untold story of an extraordinary man
  • Powerful: A powerful guide to ace in every domain of life. 


7. Use of power words

Power words are the words that automatically grab the attention of readers, these are the words that we use in general in our day to day lives yet their usage in headlines and titles has a greater impact on the readers.

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Power words can be inspiring, fearful, lusty, greedy, angry, thrilling, etc. in nature. It can be positive or negative.

Examples of such power words are:

  • Happiness
  • Failure
  • Strength
  • Crisis
  • Sadness
  • Hunger
  • Secret
  • Management
  • Life
  • Motivation
  • Love
  • Inspirational
  • Pain
  • Shocking
  • Life-changing
  • Captivating
  • Trustworthy


8. Big promises

Headlines that seem promising in nature or are promising something help catch the reader’s attention. Promises guarantee the readers that they will be getting some useful information, and they click on your headlines.

Promises are part of human life, and they tend to connect with the promising headlines more readily as compared to the generic ones or the ones that are simply written in a general way. 

Some people in general use search engines for assured solutions to their problems. So if your blog titles speak to them and assure them something promising, they will surely click on your title.

Some promising headlines can be such as:

  • The ultimate guide to happiness
  • Change your life in just 7 days
  • Full guarantee of happiness
  • Fulfillment of psychological needs
  • Simple and assured ways to save your tax 
  • Fulfillment of social needs
  • Full guarantee of earning passive income
  • Don’t worry, we are with you!
  • Nothing to lose, we got your back!
  • The ultimate guide to time management


9. Headlines conveying emotions

Emotions are an intrinsic part of human nature. A person experiences varied emotions in his day to day life, so what is better than a title that conveys those human emotions.

A bland title devoid of any emotional pinch will not make its way into the reader’s heart. For example: “Tony and his life” Does this tingle your attention even for a bit?

“Tony and his miserable life” now you may be getting a little sympathetic towards Tony? Do you now want to know why his life is miserable?

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Probably you want to know and read about Tony’s life as a single word “miserable” brings a little change in your emotion.

Happiness can be conveyed through some of these similar titles:

  •   The Merry Tale of Florence
  •   Laughing Colors of The Kite Show
  •   The Cheerful Ambiance of Tokyo Forest

The pain and suffering of humans can be portrayed in a better way by the following examples:

  •   The wave of pain
  •   The melancholy tale of Black Beauty
  •   The disheartening economic collapse of Greece

A disagreement in any way or a critical view on a subject or story is needed at some points of time, so anger can be displayed similarly like these:

  •   The useless marketing jargons
  •   Pretentious people in the workplace
  •   Irritating table habits


10. Use of popular names

Don’t you ever feel tempted when you come across the famous personalities’ names on a blog title and just want to click on it?

Using names in titles is one of the effective ways to appeal to the masses. Names are not restricted to famous personalities only, they can be related to a famous organization or even a country. 

Famous names in the titles render the curiosity to readers, and they want to read such blogs. 

Blogs are written to attract the audience, and these names have their selling point in them. You just need to be responsible that the content and title are true to that person. 

The examples of such headlines are:

  •   Dance and sing like Beyonce
  •   The next Michael Phelps
  •   Strong and fit like Arnold Schwarzenegger
  •   The humbleness everyone should learn from Keanu Reeves
  •   The progressive nature of SpaceX and Elon Musk
  •   Nestle and its horrifying treatment to citizens of Africa
  •   Learn the market fundamentals from the Apple corporates
  •   Progress like Japan
  •   The mystical journey akin to Sherlock Holmes


11. The “How-to” headlines

The “how-to” type headlines address the answers to the reader’s problems. They deliver technical or non-technical know-how about the matter they want to read.

The Internet is flourishing with all types of tutorials, and if you want your blog to be read, then your headline should clearly express the idea and what you are solving for the readers. Your readers must feel that “maybe I am making some of the mistakes which are being discussed in this blog.”

Here are some examples to give you an idea:

  •   How to ace in life
  •   How to become a good entrepreneur
  •   How to live a carefree life
  •   How to find a suitable office workspace


12. Do’s and Don’ts Headlines

Everyone wants to know whether they are going in the right direction or not. So the headlines which clearly instruct the readers with the do’s and don’ts is a much clearer option for readers which may make them click on the blog.

Here are some examples on the matter:

  •   What not to do in an investment venture
  •   Do not avoid these facts while searching for health Insurance policies
  •   Simple tips that one must follow to start your Photography career
  •   Do check out these places before you die
  •   Do’s and Don’ts of starting your own business  


Final thoughts

The blog title is one of the most important parts of the blog. Even if your blog is well written, but your title is not impressive, it will not be able to bring most of the readers as it is the blog title that readers read first and thus your blog title becomes the deciding factor of the entire blog. 

The blog titles that are mundane and monotonous are not effective as the readers will not be inclined to read what is in that blog. Readers need fresh and unique titles. The search engines also require correct and targeted keywords to rank your blog.

The art of coming up with a good title is needed by every blogger, and sometimes avid writers hire others to bring them one trendy title. As blogging is a long process, you will need to learn the right methodology and technique so it will take time. Keep at it, and the quality of your blog titles will grow along with your experience.

Start your journey use power words, use emotional tone, bring out the numbers, and give titles the attention they require.

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