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Firefox add ons for bloggers
With the evolution of content marketing, blogging becomes the most popular activity. As per the research, There are over 2 million blog posts published in a day. A big number! It proves that everyone is doing it like crazy. But to become a successful blogger, only writing the content is not enough. You have to make it more effective in different ways. As a blogger, you have to be updated with the latest trends, follow other bloggers, make your content SEO friendly, and much more. Firefox is the most popular and secure browser of all. To make your blogging more
content marketing tools
Content marketing! The most popular and one of the effective digital marketing strategies that will help you to reach and engage more quality leads and customers. Content marketing is the best way of driving sales by giving your customers what they are actively searching for and for that you can use different tools. Content Marketing has other advantages also like, increase conversion rates, more traffic, build brand awareness, customer education, improved SEO, etc. If you are looking to achieve all these benefits for your website, then you must have the proper content marketing strategy. To execute your plan successfully, we
ignore blogging blarney
In these recent times, a lot of people are opting for their careers in the digitalized world. Therefore, blogging is one of the sought after careers in this digitalized era. you should keep these important tips for successful blogging into your mind because many people are pursuing blogging as their main careers. Everyone wants to have successful careers. Hence they look for the right guidelines and advice. But sometimes, this advice and guidelines are often misleading; they are indeed the blarneys that fool them. So a newbie blogger or an amateur one should take care of not letting these blarneys
blog assessment checklist
We start blogging with a motive and sometimes those motives work out just perfectly fine. But, sometimes we miss out on the opportunity. Therefore, we work even harder the next time and try to overcome our shortcomings. This is the process by which any blogger keeps on growing and developing. The blog Assessment Checklist will help you to take your business at a new level. The goal is a very powerful target that we set for ourselves and only after achieving the said goal we say that we have succeeded. As a result, we plan out our every move to
effective habits of successful bloggers
Everyone wants to ace in their lives, especially in their careers. To have a successful career is not an easy task.  It takes a lot of habits that need to be practiced daily to have a successful career. The same is the case for blogging, which is one of the booming jobs in this digitized era. With blogging comes blogging habits that one must take into account. Learn how to be a successful blogger in simple steps here. Blogging is becoming famous these days. Hence, many people are now pursuing blogging as their careers. But, the most important thing is
blog while 9 to 5 [Full Time Blogging]
Have you ever thought of launching a blog, but circumstances caused you to discard the idea? Blogging can be a very satisfying career path. It is very flexible, and anyone can start writing at any point to get started on the journey. People have several interests, and anyone of those interests can become a niche of a blog site. The ideas, thoughts, and opinions on a subject with a person’s writing style help in developing an amazing blog. If one is dedicated to blogging, he can achieve good revenue from it. But as we all know, it is a risk,
WordPress vs Blogger
You may have started blogging or may have started planning your blogging career, and one important aspect which needs to be decided is which platform to use for your blog site. The platform is an essential element when talking about blogging, as all the other factors are interlinked with the type of platform you decide to go with. We are going to shed some light on the two most popular blogging platforms, that is, and Both have been in the market for a long time and have seen many changes in the blogging industry. There are many factors
Blogging Niche
Fashion, technology, lifestyle, spirituality- these are examples of different blogging niches for writing a blog. The most prevalent trend is the blog has a specific niche and a blogger writes primarily about it. Bloggers are not willing to break this tradition because their readers are also getting used to read articles on that particular theme in the blog. What if we say that your blog requires a specific niche is a half-truth? Though it is advisable in some cases, here we are going to mention that in some cases, the blog does not require it all or it is not
How To Connect With Bloggers
Whether you’re a new blogger or an established one, you always welcome feedback, suggestions, appreciation, and even criticism from people, right? How about your fellow bloggers who are either write posts in the same or different niche than yours? When you blogging friends comment on your post, believe me, you will feel overwhelmed. Yes, genuine online relationships work wonder to give you a new strength especially if you are a blogger or a creative writer. But, do you think it is easy to make friends with fellow bloggers? Well, this post contains top tips to make this seemingly impossible task
Blog Layout Best Practices
The blog is one of the most popular sources of getting information and solving problems. The new trend of creating video content has seen a good boom, yet it fails to overcome the popularity of blogs. People all over the world have seen the popularity and reach of blogs. Therefore, there has been an incline in the number of bloggers. This makes the blogging market highly competitive and thus makes a blogger’s job even tougher than it already was. He has to take care of several factors that could increase or decrease his site’s ranking. And he has to handle

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