Effective Habits Of Successful Bloggers

effective habits of successful bloggers

Everyone wants to ace in their lives, especially in their careers. To have a successful career is not an easy task.  It takes a lot of habits that need to be practiced daily to have a successful career. The same is the case for blogging, which is one of the booming jobs in this digitized era. With blogging comes blogging habits that one must take into account. Learn how to be a successful blogger in simple steps here.

Blogging is becoming famous these days. Hence, many people are now pursuing blogging as their careers. But, the most important thing is to make that career successful. Anyone can be a blogger, but only a few can be successful bloggers. Only successful bloggers are able to generate a large amount of revenue.

The question always arises about what difference is there between successful and unsuccessful ones.  The answer to this question is habits. Hence, it is rightly said that habits define a person. Habits are an integral part of human disposition. It is this element that is responsible for the success or failure of people. In order to make one’s blogging career successful, one may have to face a lot of hurdles. Hurdles are an inevitable part of life. Therefore, one must not deter in achieving the desired goals. Basically, habits(good ones) of a person is the factor that keeps things going.

To become a successful blogger, one must take care of one’s habits.  Good habits eventually lead to good results. Successful bloggers maintain certain blogging habits, which gradually help them to climb the ladder of success.

Following are the list of habits that define a successful blogger:

Focus on Quality Content Writing

Content is the king of the blog. It is the main ingredient of blogging. Successful bloggers always prioritize on good content writing. They just don’t write anything that comes to their mind. They believe in writing quality content that is worth reading. Therefore, it is about providing quality over quantity.

 habits of successful bloggers

The main purpose of blogging is to share thoughts or views, to share the information or to deliver knowledge on the chosen subject. All these above-mentioned things are done through the content of the blog. Anyone can provide the content on the chosen subject, but to provide a quality one requires hard work.

One of the best blogging habits of successful bloggers is to create quality content. They do not write irrelevant or vague things in their blogs. They believe in providing the best content to their readers.

Many bloggers face the dilemma of either creating low-quality content or creating high-quality content. This dilemma occurs because it gets difficult to deliver good content on a regular basis. But, you must keep the habit of working hard on your topic and presenting your audience with a top-notch blog.

Successful bloggers have in-depth knowledge about the topic they write on. Thus, it brings in more audiences who search for the content all over the internet.

One must inculcate the habit in the initial phase of blogging itself to focus on quality writing about the chosen subject.


Consistency is the key to success in any desired walk of life. One must be consistent with thriving in any sort of business. Similarly, blogging is no different from that. Looking at the blogging habits, consistency seems to stick for the longest with the successful bloggers. Being inconsistent in blogging will not lead you to a successful path.

One day you have views on any topic, you decide to write on it and also publish it, but after that, you took a long gap from publishing any blog. This is not the case with successful bloggers. They are well versed with the fact that consistency is one of the most important habits to succeed in blogging career.

It helps in audience engagement as the audience gets an idea when to expect a blog from you. It helps you in gaining popularity. Better audience engagement means larger traffic on your blog, which eventually means better revenue. Therefore, being consistent in blog posting helps you in becoming a successful blogger.

Aim a proper schedule for blog posting. Scheduling makes things easier. It helps you be more systematic.

Audience Engagement

The practice of engaging with the audience is very helpful for bloggers to become successful. The main purpose of blogging is to ensure that many people read your blogs. Hence the audience is the most important factor in blogging. Thus they should be valued in all the possible ways.

 habits of successful bloggers

Maintaining a relationship with the audience is one of the blogging habits that provides a huge utility to a blogger. You are doing something, but you need to gauge yourself to know whether it will turn out to be successful or not.  It is the audience in blogging business that lets you know if you are going in the right direction or not. No analytical tool is bigger than the audience itself.

Give a like to the positive as well as negative feedback of the audience,  as both eventually help a blogger to grow. All successful bloggers grow in a similar fashion. They keep in mind the negative feedback to improve and derive motivation from positive feedback. Try to respond to the audience for better audience interaction. Replying to the readers is a good gesture; they feel acknowledged in return, and this will create a bond between you and them.

Social media is quite popular these days. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are great social platforms to interact with the audience. A blogger can also use these social media tools to make their blog reach out to a large number of people. Social media helps in better engagement with the audience.

Knowing your audience helps a lot as it sets clarity for bloggers on choosing the desired topic to write on. It also helps you in deciding the goods or services that you may refer to your audience through your blogs.

Not Shattering from Negative Feedbacks

Once the interaction with the audience is established, then negative feedbacks are bound to follow. This happens nearly with every blogger. But not getting shattered from those negative comments is one deciding factor in being successful. It is rightly said that a wise man learns from one’s mistakes.  Learning from one’s mistakes is a great way of improving.

 habits of successful bloggers

A blogger can improve a lot by paying attention to negative feedback. Once the work is done on weaker points, the journey of success becomes smoother. Newbie bloggers should keep this thing in mind. If they get some negative feedback in their initial phase of blogging career, it should not discourage them in pursuing their career further.

They should, indeed, try to become a better blogger. All successful bloggers have gone through this phase. Hence, negative comments should not deter bloggers. You must maintain a habit of learning from your shortcomings. You must not get discouraged from bad word of mouth or any harsh comments. Instead, convert this into an opportunity to become better.

Nobody is ideally perfect in this world. Even successful ones are not perfect in all terms. They just don’t see their shortcomings as a hindrance to their success.

Blogging is an interactive career, negative feedbacks do come, but one should not get discouraged because of it. A blogger should maintain a habit of not letting negative things to come in between his career. Concentrate on managing all of your blogging habits and moving forward.

Having a Beautiful Blog Layout

When you invite someone over your home, I am sure you clean up the place, make it feel welcoming, and make everything right to make the guest feel at home. Then why not clean up your blog?

If that example was a bit vague, here is another one. If you ever have to go out on a date, I am damn sure you will select a place that is pretty good in terms of standards, have everything you and your date will require and must be attractive enough that it will impress your date right away. Why not take this approach with your WordPress blog? When someone visits your blog, and if it is not tidy or well organized, the user will feel uneasy and might end up leaving the website without reading your article.

Go to every popular or successful blog and see the design and layout of their website. Take a good look at the font, design, layout, header, footer, images, spacing, and everything else that makes up to the whole design of the blog. There you will see that everything is designed to make sure that the overall design of the page looks perfect, so the readers stay longer and engaged.

You need to implement this on your website as well. If you, too, want to become a successful blogger, then you need to pay attention to every little detail of your website as well. But with a normal WordPress theme, customizing every aspect of the theme as you like is something which is not quite possible without diving into coding.

But that is not the only solution. If you wish to customize the website’s data without jumping into coding, you can do it easily with the Blog Designer plugin. This simple plugin comes with more than 50 pre-designed layouts, which are perfectly made so suit every blog’s requirements. The best part is that you can customize each part of the theme from the backend easily without touching a line of code. How cool is that?

With the customization options, you can literally make the theme or the layout of the website look exactly the way you want. All you need is the blog designer plugin, and you will be all set. Select the layout you want and start customizing. Take a look at the features of the Blog Designer plugin.

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To thrive in this business, one of the important blogging habits is perseverance. Perseverance is an essential factor in becoming successful. The meaning of perseverance in layman terms is not giving up. To succeed in life or be it in the career, it is a must that a person sticks to his goals despite any sort of difficulties. Difficult situations or problems tend to happen in any career, but they should not become a hindrance in one’s career. Successful bloggers know the power of perseverance. They never gave up on their careers, no matter the condition.

Things may not work out initially, but bloggers should not be scared of it. They should not simply give up on their careers if they don’t get the expected results. To have a successful career is not a cake-walk, it takes a lot of effort and determination. Success never happens overnight. Success is the result of the practice of good habits on a regular basis. Similarly, the practice of good blogging habits is needed to succeed in this business.

In blogging business, traffic is a very important factor, and it is difficult at times to bring traffic to your blog. The algorithm of search engines is also dynamic. Thus, making it a tad more difficult.  A successful blogger remains aware of all these things, but he never gives up just because of some difficulties. Successful bloggers endure all the challenges that come their way and remain determined towards their career. Therefore, one should stay determined to achieve success in one’s blogging career.


Learning is useful in all spheres of life. A man keeps on learning in his entire life. The process of learning never stops. A successful blogger has this habit already. He keeps on learning in the entire journey of his career. It is one of those blogging habits, which takes your career to a successful level. Learning is what keeps you growing and going. Wanting to learn always, keeps the brain active and creative. Blogging requires creativity and good thinking skills.

 habits of successful bloggers

Learning ensures growing, and where growth happens, success is sure to follow. A blogger must possess this learning habit. The world of blogging is ever-changing in nature. Changes do take place in this blogging world. You must read about such changes and keep yourself up-to-date. Read about the guides on optimizing your site. Learn about your niche and give the answers to your readers.

Learning things from time to time is a must in this career. If a blogger has no tendency to learn new things and is content with his knowledge, then there are very slim chances of success in his career. Reading helps to reduce stress, it helps to broaden perspective, and it is a great factor in personal development.

Not even successful bloggers would have known everything about blogging from the first stage of their career itself. They came to know everything about blogging by learning something new every time. A lot of things keep on changing in the blogging world, and many new features get added. Therefore learning is one of the important blogging habits to ensure success.

A Unique Style of Writing

Many bloggers tend to copy the writing style of successful bloggers. This thing does not help them in standing out in their careers. A blogger should not copy the style of other bloggers but should rather use his unique style of writing. Successful bloggers do not imitate other’s writing styles; hence they create their style of writing.

Blog Layout Best Practices

A blogger should have his voice. If he simply writes by copying others, then readers will not find some new style in their blogs. The audience gets attracted to the bloggers whose writing style is different from most of the other bloggers. Your blog should not look like a copy and paste of some other blog. If readers like the way of your writing, then it helps you in getting distinguished from the other ones.

Blogs on the same topic can have varied impacts on the readers when written by two separate individuals. It is your job to lure readers with your style and to do that, you must go through the process of trial and error. Other blogging habits will help you so that you can keep on trying until you fully develop a style.

Using your style and voice in blogging is always recommended. So maintain a habit of writing the content in your style and try to make it fresh and different from the other bloggers.

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Stay Aware

Staying aware is not just an important blogging habit but also an important habit in any other business. One needs to stay updated and be aware of everything related to one’s career. Staying aware becomes indeed more important in careers like blogging, as it is dynamic.

Blogging depends largely on the traffic it receives. The traffic gets generated by search engines, mostly Google. The algorithm of these search engines keeps on changing from time to time. Therefore a blogger must pay attention to the ever-changing algorithms. A blogger should also be aware of the fact that what keywords will generate traffic to their blogs. Successful bloggers never underestimate these things. They stay aware of their entire career. They keep a tab on the trending subjects. Writing on trending topics increases the chance of greater traffic to your blog.

A blogger should be aware of SEO optimization, as it is an integral part of the blogging world.

No matter how good your content is, it will not get recognized until the blog is promoted in the right way. Social media platforms are booming these days. It is a great platform to promote the blog. A blogger should stay updated with the ongoing trend. Following old and conventional methods will not yield successful results in the dynamic blogging career.

Staying aware of what your competitors or other bloggers are trying is also imperative to grow in the blogging world.

Time management

It is said that time is money. Time is the most valuable thing in today’s ever fast growing era. To manage time properly is a prerequisite in life to achieve success in any desired walk of life.

 habits of successful bloggers

Time management is one of the important blogging habits that a blogger should possess. Successful bloggers know the importance of time management, hence they work accordingly.

Blogging requires creativity and skills. It is important to write the blog in the most productive hours of your daily routine. There is no use of spending the entire day in writing and thus not being able to create a quality blog. Smart work is preferred over hard work. Therefore, manage your time for blog writing in the productive hours of your routine.

Scheduling is also very important in blog writing. Successful bloggers make a schedule for their blogs. Scheduling is a helpful way of managing time. Hence, bloggers should make a proper schedule for blogs accordingly. Time should be valued a lot. Do not wander in the middle of writing. Stay away from distractions while writing a blog. Make sure your time gets utilized in a proper way.

While waiting for a bus or a cab, you can come up with ideas for your blog. You can search for images, keywords, the headline for your upcoming blog while waiting for your order in a store. When you are on social sites, you can take a few seconds to reply to your audience.

All such acts will help you save time and will let you manage your day efficiently.


Patience is necessary for every aspect of life. A man cannot succeed without being patient.

Bloggers who succeed know the importance of patience. It may happen, that initially, your career may not go well, as you had envisioned. Sometimes plans will also not work accordingly. Many difficult situations or hindrances may come in between your career. But it is important to stay patient in the entire process without any state of panic or tension.

To have a successful career, one may have to go through ups and downs. Talking about blogging, particularly, it is dynamic in nature, so ups and downs are inevitable in it. Patience is what keeps the mind stable, even in difficult situations.

You cannot concentrate on important tasks if you keep on checking your site’s analytics too frequently. Blogging is a business, and no business grows in a day or two. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become a successful blogger. Patience is one of the blogging habits that work as a pillar for other habits, namely consistency, perseverance, learning, etc.

If you want to be there for the long run, then patience will give you the power to go through every tough time there is to come in your journey.


Practice, practice, and practice!

It is one of the best blogging habits that lead you to the path of success. The practice is what makes a man perfect. This saying holds in a blogging career as well. Practice writing the blogs as much as you can.

Every blogger becomes successful by practicing only. It is not always important to publish your work, but it is important to keep writing extensively. The Practice of writing helps to increase thinking ability and thus increases efficiency.

Writing profusely helps a blogger to learn, understand, and analyze his blogs. To reach the ladder of success, one has to practice continually. It improves the quality of content. Success is not a one-day thing. It requires a lot of consistent efforts to reach the zenith of one’s career.

Practicing awakens the mind as you get to know the mistakes, which eventually helps you to write well. The more you write, the more you learn. Furthermore, practicing the newly learned skills or knowledge will help you increase your spectrum. This habit will also aid you in developing your style of writing.

You will start to see that your work gets finished easily, and you achieve your goals quickly. This proves that practice is helping you develop and grow.

Bloggers should inculcate a habit of practicing writing blogs. By practicing the path becomes clearer and easier. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put a lot of effort and keep on working on your abilities and skills.


There are several factors that help you to become a successful blogger, and your habits are one of those factors. You need a system to make a blog site that generates revenue. That system ranges from knowing the ins and outs of blogging as well as managing your lifestyle.

It is difficult yet possible to establish a business when you start to make changes in your life according to the requirements of the business. Based on this logic, if you engulf these blogging habits in your life, then your success is right around the corner.

I hope you like the habits described in the blog, and you will start to work on these little-by-little until you these habits become a part of you. Please do share your thoughts and what you liked the most about the blog.

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