Image Ads

Image base ads are easy to display where you have an option to add banner for advertisement and also have an option to assign particular link to each image. You can open link on same tab or new tab of browser.

Plain Text/HTML Ads

Plugin provides you HTML code editor to edit your ads content where you are able to add custom HTML as well as add class and id for more customization of layout of ads and make it more compatible with your blog posts.

Google AdSense ads

You can also display Google AdSense Ads on your blog page and earn more money with the third party ads.

Yahoo and Bing Ads

Plugin also support Yahoo and Bing Ads.

Amazon Ads

Plugin also allows to display amazon affiliate ads on your blog page.

Other 3rd Party Ads

There are many other third party ads provider. Plugin supports many of them. You just need to read their guideline, follow instructions and finally add provided code in Blog Designer Ad’s code section.

Show random/selected ads after each [N] posts

You can display repeated random ads as well as you can show selected ads after X number of posts.

Auto Ads Group

If you add more than one ads inside ad settings then it became group of ads and show those ads as a slider on front-end. You will also have settings option for timeout and speed of slider.

Responsive Compatibility

You don’t need to worry about responsive issue with various devices. Blog Designer Ads plugin is designed in such a way that it auto adjust with your blog posts layout and ads look perfect in all devices.

Set campaign start and end date

You can easily schedule an ads when start displaying an ads with date and time option in ads settings. You can stop ads displaying on particular date.

Ads on blog page, other archive pages

It also display ads not only on blog page but also on category, tags and other archive layouts which are created with Blog Designer Pro.

Simple and Easy configuration

Plugin provides easy configuration and ads settings, you do not need to involve and take third party services to setup ads on your blog posts.

Blog designer Ads

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