My First Blog Post: What Should I Write?

My first blog post

Blogging is a wonderful activity. It is a favorite pastime for some people and some others can make a living with the help of blogging. In today’s digital world, the importance of blogging is at an all-time high, and many freelancers as well as regular bloggers write on various themes like technology, science, fashion, food eCommerce, and even writing! But then, a new blogger can find it difficult to come up with the first blog post ideas. It is really a daunting task to figure out a topic or theme for your first blog post.


In this post, we are going to mention a few important tips for a new blogger. We are sure these tips will help you start your career as a blogger. Have a look!


Before You Start the First Blog Post

Congratulations on having a website of your own with an excellent theme or registering yourself as a blogger on reputed blogging platforms like Medium, Tumblr, or Squarespace. If you are going to start a WordPress blog, you can go through this article to avoid simple mistakes. Fine! Now, it’s time to write your first blog post.

The toughest part for any new blogger is to think of a subject. Why? It is simply because they have no idea where they should start. When it comes to the first blog post, you can imagine various topics on which you can write. But then, which topic you should take first is always remains challenging. This task is so difficult that many times new bloggers get stuck and fail to start writing. Here, a method known as the ‘journey’ can remain handy.

Start from Scratch- Start Your ‘Journey’

Your first blog post deserves enough attention and of course, an innovative approach- the ‘Journey’ approach. Let’s understand this approach through an example.

Suppose, you are going to write about Christmas Day shopping. Now, the theme itself has a lot of topics to include and it is a herculean task for the new blogger to decide what will come first. Here, the journey approach can guide you to take the first step as describing the importance of Christmas and why people prefer this festival for shopping.

You can find a number of blogs that have covered this topic. By showing the significance of Christmas, you can readily connect your next idea of shopping with an approaching new year, holidays, festive season discount, and the like. You can move from one topic to another in a smooth and interesting way. You need to make sure that the tone and flow of your blog post remain intact until the end. It can compel readers to read your entire blog.

Here it is fair to mention that there is no need to write your first blog post very lengthy by elaborating every topic. You can move to the next topic after describing one topic in a lucid yet straightforward style. You need to make sure that you have given the due importance to each and every related topic to keep your blog appealing and expressive.

Whether you write 3 to 5 posts or 20-30 posts in the month, the first blog post is always important. In other words, the ‘journey’ approach starts with a specific point and you need to determine the place of reference that you readers can follow.

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You may wonder how this approach will helpful for you. Well, the major benefit of this unique technique is that it leads you toward developing a content strategy. Again we take the example of Christmas shopping to understand it.

  • Write about the pleasure of shopping during festivals in October.
  • Try the upcoming festive season topics in November.
  • In December, you can write about Christmas.

Do you have any unique concept for writing a blog on eCommerce or shopping? You can go ahead with it! You can add new posts in your blog journey over the period.

Start Blogging

Everything is written- Not yet!

This is a big roadblock in the way of bloggers. They believe that they have to write everything so original that no one has written it before. In today’s competitive scenario in the online world, is it possible that whatever you will bring will remain unique? You may find tens of hundreds of posts on almost every topic on the Internet. It is essential that you stick to your ideas and write your blogs without copy-pasting. Your blog should not look like a clone to a similar blog available.

But, it does not mean that all the blog posts are completely original. Actually, blogging is the name of rewriting someone’s thoughts or points in your words in a way you want. Even if all the topics under the sun are covered, then also you can write on the topic you want.

Simply put, your viewpoint or opinion on a specific topic matters the most when you write a blog on it. It can make your blog post unique and interesting. However, if you want to write the blog for the sake of writing, then it is better to stay away from this activity. There is no point in becoming a blogger like many other bloggers. If you have a good insight into the topic and a unique way to share your knowledge, then blogging can be an excellent platform for you. You should focus on making your blog special.

Targeting multiple topics? Good idea!

Again, let’s take an example of Christmas shopping theme. What else can you include in it? Well, you can include online and offline shopping, the importance of discounts, and even eCommerce or mCommerce themes in the ‘shopping guide’ blog posts. All these themes will start their journey separately as time passes. You need not stick to only one point. You can write up to six months on different topics related to Christmas, eCommerce, and m-Commerce.

Bonus Tip -You can use tools like Grammarly to identify spelling and grammar-related mistakes of your blog.

Disclosure – I use it!

First impression is the last impression

From the very first blog post, you need to target a huge audience by writing on general topics. For example, ‘How to grab good discounts at the City Market in Delhi’ can be a good topic to write, but you may not find a large audience for it. Initially, you need to consider that the beginner audience must be larger than the same after some time.

blogging vs insta audience

In our example, ‘How to Get Good Deals in Indian Market’ is a wider topic that can give you a chance to get more web traffic and probably more subscribers to your mail list. Now, this is important because when you go further, the audience will get reduced. However, you can maintain a steady flow of online traffic by maintaining the quality and usefulness of your blog. And, you need to give a pleasant experience to the readers from the first blog post because the first impression lasts.

Finally, while starting your blog post, always keep yourself in the shoes of the person who is new to your topic. You can write in a way that your audience knows some stuff, but they are yet to know many things, and you can assist them.

Fair enough- time to start!

Don’t waste your time in finding topics. You can start right away by giving words to your thoughts on a particular topic or subject. The first blog post needs a beginning and publishing of your blog will give it a beginning!

Once your first blog is published, it is fairly easy to publish the next one. This chain goes on as you continue writing. There is no standard method to follow for start writing blogs. You can take any method that suits you the most from many available methods

That’s it for now. Happy blogging!

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