What Makes Your Blog Posts More Interesting?

What Make Your Blog Posts More Interesting

Just think about that…

After spending a lot of time and money, you have made your fantasy blogging site with different useful stuff, yet at the same time not getting applicable movement on your site. Why?

Because only an educational blog can make your website visitor tiresome! Individuals required an alluring blog creator that gives helpful information.

Here we want to list out some points that make your blog more fascinating with no additional endeavors.

1. Readable content:

Redable content

Just because you are owning a blogging site don’t fill up it with only content. But “Make Your Content Readable”.

A Readable content must be put into a smooth and clear format. Endeavor to use short sentences, Because long articulation is hard to grasp and keep your blog passage bored. You can attract your blog reader closer by utilizing the first person in your blog.

2. Make an interactive post:

Make an interactive post

To make your content interactive is the most vital thing nowadays. There are different approaches to do that. You can give more significant information to your client issues.

Make your content easily sharable with social media sharing buttons on your blog post. It will be a twofold advantage for you. First, the content will be shared and the site will gain more popularity online. Second, you will get backlinks effortlessly. Likewise, Interactive content results into high commission rate.

3. Add more visuals:

Add more visuals

It is said that “Images speak a thousand words”.

You can make your blog more interesting by including “relevant images” in your content.

Images help you to divide your content into parts. It will make your content more readable.
That doesn’t mean that you should place images at all over the blog, but use it as per your content needs. Unnecessary images can ruin your blog presentation.

4. Customize your blog design:


Every blog has a unique design. People are always looking for variation. Rich design can attract unique readers on your blog. Your blog design gives them the first impression and this determines the amount of time they spend browsing your blog.

You can use “Blog Designer WordPress Plugin” for applying different layouts for your blog posts. It has 6 designer layouts for your blog post. It will help you make your blog content worthy without hiring any web designer. You can apply blog layouts for a single page as well as multiple blog pages with this plugin. If you want more variation in layouts you can try Blog Designer Pro version.

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5. Tell a story:

Stories are the most ideal approach to make your blog content more engaging. It will assist you with sticking your blog readers on your site. Storytelling is a good way that can assist you with emerging from the opponent. It conveys education with entertainment.

Story Timeline Blog Template

There are different approaches to introduce your stories. It is possible that you can share your thoughts by means of pictures/recordings or you can do it in a timeline format. You can pick which is more appropriate for you.

6. Use a professional theme:

bloggers WordPress Theme

Select the right blogging theme according to your niche. Your theme should be SEO optimized, fully customizable, simple and minimalist. Utilize diverse designs and alluring pictures on your blog. Ensure your theme is responsive as well. In this way, your site would be adequate to all devices. It should be easy to use and customize.

If you don’t want to purchase a paid theme, you can go with a free theme. WordPress community is very large. So, don’t worry about support. You can get suitable plugins in your budget.

7. Make your blog focused:

Make your blog focused

Remove unnecessary design elements such as flash clips, audio, shock waves. Write the blog targeting your reader base. These things work well if used in the correct way.

The less you utilize jumbles in your post, the more you can get readers consideration in your blog.

Write content around your niche. Don’t confuse your blog readers by writing complex content. Give them precise and to the point information. So, don’t lose focus of your readers by doing this silly mistake.

8. Provide a user-friendly interface to your users:

User friendly interface

Ensure your website doesn’t have navigation errors. Its navigation must be Self-Explanatory. Your website visitors should know about your website navigation without any guide. It will help you to increase your conversion rates.

Don’t put lots and lots of ads on your blog. Because, your readers crave information, not promotions. Everything on your blog must be designed as per user ease aspects.

9. Remove clutter:

Remove clutter

Any professional blog should not have any type of clutters like the painful color combination, messy header, uneven listing, invisible text, less space between paragraphs, etc.

Make sure your website is loading properly.

In a research, “some estimation say up to 1% loss for every 100ms delay in page load time”. Add proper and related links.

Use attractive taglines in your blog. Your tagline represents the motto of your blog. It will make your blog consistent.

Do proper categorization of your blog posts. Your blog should have related tags.

10. Minimize color scheme:

Minimize color scheme

Use eye-catching colors in your blog. It will inspire your site reader to read your blog. Also, It will improve user-friendliness on your website.

When you choose a color combination on your website, give preference to gender as well. While you are making website cosmetics store or beauty store for females, you can choose pink color combinations on your website. As similar, if you are making a website for men oriented, Black and blue would be your first choice.

Every color has its own identification. So, choose your blog color as per your blog subject.

11. Design an attractive sidebar:


A sidebar can be the most beneficial part of your blog. You can link to the most popular posts in your sidebar. Other than that you can include subscription form, Social media links, Links to categories, Contact information, etc.. It will provide easy connection with the part of your website.

Still, there are some things that you can consider while designing your sidebar like,

  • Arrange your sidebar size according to your webpage.
  • Use decent typography
  • Position your sidebar
  • Includes not only text but images also.

12. Use appropriate CTA:

Call to action

Call to action is the most important things that inspire your blog visitors to do specific things that can benefit you. It will help you to get more conversions from your blog. You can provide helpful guides as well as infographics on your blog.

Make your CTA recognizable, well-defined and striking that will help you to attach your visitors to your blog.

13. Include Quotes and Facts:


By including quotes & facts you can provide a learning experience to your website visitors. It is the best way to express your thoughts and make your blog credible. It will provide a solid learning experience to your website visitors.

14. Make an attractive headline:

The first thing that gets your readers attention in your blog post is the headline. So, your headline should have presented your blog’s concept easily and persuade targeted readers on your blog.

15. Apply bullets on the listing:

bullets on listing

Essay type of blog content makes your blog boring. It will decrease your blog readability.

Bullets and numbers will help you to make your blog more scalable. While you are describing the features of your products, bullet points are the proper way to present it.

16. Use text call-outs:

Text callouts are a well-known method to grab the reader’s attention in the newspaper and magazine.

So, why don’t use it in the blog also? It will help to divide large content into small pieces. It will make your blog noticeable.

You can provide a detailed description of special words in your blogs using text call-outs. But, It can irritate your readers, so use it in the limit.

17. Add links:

Add Links

Interlinking with other blogs can help you to make your SEO strong. Because it will make your website valuable. Ultimately, it will help you increase your site credibility. You can present related content to your blog easily with the help of links.


In this blog post, we have discussed some crucial ways that can help you to make your blog post more interesting and engaging. So, start following it right now and be trendy.

Happy Blogging 😉

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  1. Yes, these tips are great to make it interesting. I love sidebars that are clutter-free and add free. Too many blogs I land on are full of ads everywhere 🙁 Or worse, pop-ups that are hard to get rid of!
    Videos are good too to have on your blog and change it up from time to time!

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