7 Common Blogging Problems & How To Deal With Them

common blogging problems

I am sure you would have started your blog with great excitement and never thought that you would be reading an article about common blogging problems. Well, the thing is no matter how much you dread it, run from it, problems or roadblocks still arrives.

What is the most common response most people give to these situations? Well letting go is the only thing that most people restore to.

But! Since you are here reading this blog, I am sure you have already made up your mind and thought of giving it another shot.

So did many great bloggers who were in the same shoes as of yours and they too thought of not giving up and giving it another shot.

As we are all motivated and ready to go get it, let’s have a look at the most common blogging problems people face in their blogging journey.


Blogging Problem #1: Topic or Niche Related Issues

Most of the Bloggers go through this phase when they start their blogging journey.

What should I be blogging about?

It can be a never-ending task to settle on a blog topic. While having an ocean of options, you have to decide one. That can be quite burdensome task to deal with.

You must have already read about this on multiple blogs, and quite frankly it is that important too. However, most of the people make the same mistake of giving too much time to niche selection and end up wasting a lot of premium time.

How to deal with this issue?

Well, to begin with, look for the topics that interest you the most. Remember, if you are not interested in the topic that you have chosen, it will reflect on your writing style as well. Sometimes people choose a topic based on what other people are blogging about and not based on what interests them.

Also, if you are not able to settle on a niche, just start writing articles on the topics that interest you the most. Doing this will give you a broader understanding of your topic and your interest. By your writing, you can see which topics you enjoy the most while writing about it and then settle on a topic based on your observations.

It is also critical that you see that your audience find your topic equally compelling. No many people will find a collection of pens interesting. But on the other hand, a collection of stamps has a huge fan base and gets lots of traction around it as well.

If you are super stoked about a topic but find very less like-minded people taking an interest in it, try to put it in a different perspective. This will help you attract more people with different interests on your blog.

Another important aspect of choosing a right niche is how much quality content can you create around it. If your topic is good enough, and you find it interesting as well, you must be able to create multiple exciting articles on the topic.

Brainstorming Ideas

To make sure more about this, take some time aside and start brainstorming excellent blog ideas and content strategies. Start learning more about your niche in detail if you do not know and go ahead and take inspiration from your competitors.

If you are not able to generate lots of ideas about this, then try looking at it from a different perspective as we talked about earlier.

On the other hand, if you can think of lots of sub-topics that you can write about then just go for it.


Blogging Problem #2: Lack of quality content

When it comes to blogging, quality always wins over quantity. There is not a single blogging guru out there who can play the devil’s advocate when it comes to quality of the content.

Also, it is not necessary that you will face this problem in the beginning, but it mostly happens over the course of time.

There are a lot of reasons why the quality starts to degrade such as-

  • You are not as motivated as you were when you started your blog.
  • Merely churning content just to meet the content frequency.
  • You are running out of ideas and starting to throw in whatever you can think of.

Sometimes bloggers don’t even see that they are publishing mediocre content. One of the simplest ways of checking that is the Bounce Rate. If you see that the website’s bounce rate is shooting up over time, it is a clear indicator that your viewers are being driven somewhere and mediocre content plays a big part in that.

Mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing all. -Joe Pulizzi

How to deal with this issue?

Well, you need to start with understanding where your content is lacking. Many things can make your content less attractive, but you need to identify what that is.

You can begin by starting to read your blog, in the same manner, you would expect your reader to do it.

What does that mean? Let’s take an example.

If you have a tutorial post, your readers will most probably be the ones who are not familiar with doing that particular thing. For that, you have to make sure that your readers understand every bit of your text and that means no lingos or short descriptions. Get it?

Like the above issue, there are many other issues that bloggers face when it comes to quality content. You can work on your already existing articles and start working on your content quality improvement by following some of the tips mentioned here.

Tips for improving content:

  • Read your blog from the visitor’s perspective and improve the part where you feel that you are losing interest.
  • Use tools to make impressive and attractive visual content such as images and illustrations.
  • Make those little grammar and text improvements by using Grammarly and other content curation tools.
  • Try to change the voice and start using the storytelling format to gain more engagement.
  • Keep updating and improving your old content.

Follow these steps and see how they suit you in improving your overall content quality.


Blogging Problem #3: Not Adequate Traffic

Often bloggers are not able to figure out why they are not getting enough traffic and viewers on their blog even after shooting essential and top-notch content.

Well practically, everyone has their unique reason for not getting traffic and the issue that you are having might not be the same as others.

But generally speaking, there are some common problems that bloggers have to deal with. It is not necessary that you will be facing the same issue but if you are having a hard time getting visitors, do make sure to check these options first.

Work on Your Content Headlines

Articles headings play a very important role when it comes to the content. Never hesitate to give ample time to the heading and start brainstorming titles that fit perfectly with the article and has relevant keywords as well.

Work on the SEO Part

To be honest, this is a very vast topic to cover here, but SEO is really important when you are focusing on your viewers. SEO is nothing but making your posts and blogs search engine friendly.

How you write your post or how you are filling out your article with content related keywords plays a huge role in SEO. You do not need to dig deep into this, but on-page SEO is something that you can start working on right away.

seo process

Work on Social Sharing

One of the reasons why people do not know about you is because they have never heard from you. Here, hearing refers to social sharing and interaction.

This is a very crucial piece of blogging as if you are facing fewer visitors. It might be because you have no or very less interaction with your audience.

If you have not made your social accounts, do it right away. Start posting on your social accounts related to your niche and do social sharing for the blogs you are publishing as well. This will help in building better connections with the users as well.

Know more about how you can increase your traffic.


Blogging Problem #4: Hard Time Making Money

Most of us want to become full-time bloggers and want to make blogging their full-time gig. Well, it is very much possible, but sometimes monetizing can become quite an issue.

Sometimes, having a niche hard to monetize is the issue as well. The best way to check this is to google your options for monetization specifically for your niche as Google AdWords have different pricing for different keywords. Now, this was only about the advertising part, so you need to make sure that you have your website ready for monetizing.

The good news is that Adsense monetization is not the only option that you have. There are many other options out there, and one of the best and heavily used is the affiliate marketing. Many bloggers and marketers make most of their income from Affiliate marketing only.

Source: Neilpatel.com

Basically, in affiliate marketing, you tell your readers about a product. It can be a product review, listing, referring or any other thing that makes the viewers have a look at the products.

So, in this programme, when the users check the product that you have listed and then buys it, it tracks the whole process and gives you a commission percentage on that. This is a very common way of earning money online.

How to deal with this issue?

  • Research about advertising options specifically for your niche.
  • No matter what, target high-quality content above all.
  • Keep a tab on your advertising expenses and revenue. Cut off all the dead weight marketing expenses and those expenses which are costing you too much money.
  • Choose the way your users like to be pitched about the product. If your users want to see a list of products rather than individual product reviews, do that.
  • If you are going aggressively about monetizing your blog, then let your users know about it. Post disclaimers and notes that states that you are using affiliate marketing when you are doing reviews or any other listing. This helps in building credibility.
  • Make sure you are not advertising too much. Have a look at your blog, does it look like a useful article with a little bit of advertising here and there or does it look like an advertising loaded page with little or no useful information.
  • Track your user’s behavior and see how you can use this information for your business.


Blogging Problem #5: Difficulty handling engagement

When you reach a significant amount of users, there is one thing that always bugs the users, engagement.

Engagement is really important as it tells your users that they are being listened to as well. It is not you who is always doing the talking; they have a say in this as well.

But handling all that engagement can be a challenge. Once you start to get the amount of engagement that you are not able to handle, it is time you need to rethink your engagement process.

How to deal with this issue?

Now, the first thing you need to do is listing all your engagement sources and try to list them all in an order such as most engagement to least engagement. Now, you have a list of all the sources of engagement.

Start with blog comments and pick a tool that can help you in speeding up your blog commenting process.

Now take charge for your social media interactions and determine which member of your team will handle engagements on various social media platforms.

Now try not to just reply, but rather try to turn those conversations into interactions. This will help your brand in growing phenomenally.


Blogging Problem #6: Mediocre Design Style

Now, one thing that most bloggers worry about is the design. There is always something that almost every blogger struggles with as there are so many WordPress Themes out there and there is always something with every theme that makes it lack out.

Since the fact that bloggers barely know how to make changes to the theme via coding and development, they end up switching to themes again and again. This wastes a lot of time of the bloggers and ends up in diverting from the more important things like working on the content.

Another issue when it comes to designing is the responsiveness of a blog. Responsiveness refers to a blog working flawlessly on a mobile device or even a tablet.

Since everyone has smartphones, responsiveness has become a bigger issue. If your blog is not responsive and crashes in any responsive device, it is quite an issue, and you should fix it right now.

Since now we are familiar with the issue, we need to see what we can do to improve the blog design.

Universal Blog Design Tips for Bloggers:

  • If you are confused about the layout style, have a peek at what your competitors are doing in their design.
  • Try to match your design with the niche you are blogging about. For example, the layout of a blog about a heavy metal music genre will have a  blog design totally different than a blog about traveling and leisure.
  • Make your blog’s navigation super easy to understand as the top menu is the first place your users look at when they want to go to any other page on your blog or website.
  • Do not load your website with too much information in too little space. Give adequate spacing and gaps in your content as well other parts of the page.
  • Go for a font that is readable and not with the one that looks “cool”. You need to focus on readability first whether it be regarding font family, font size, font style, heading style and try to keep your layout boxed. This helps the user in comprehending the data faster.
  • Do not flood your blog with advertisements to make money. If you have too many advertisements on your website, it will only annoy your viewers and in turn, will increase the bounce rate.

How to deal with this issue?

Now we know what is to be done, but the problem about how it is to be done remains.

If you want to get full control of your blog designing, then you need to think more than a theme. If you want to get full customization of your blog, then you can easily do it with the Blog Designer plugin. This plugin allows you to create fully functional and responsive blog pages that you can display on your website with a single click.

Blog Designer plugin

The plugin has 2 versions, free and paid. The free version offers a lot of customization and editing options that you can use to customize your blog page, but if you want to take those customization options to another level, then you can easily do it with the Blog Designer Pro plugin.

There are more than 40 blog designs that you can play with and change as per your desire, and even in those 40 templates, you have control over every minute detail so you can redesign your blog as per your desire.

Know more about the Blog Designer plugin here.


Blogging Problem #7: Legal Troubles

Blogging is all fun and entertaining but being legally careless will put you on the Legal crosshair if you are not serious about the legalities of blogging.

While I am sure you are honest and true to your viewers and others, but if in case you are implementing illegal activities to manipulate the engines and gaining more viewers, you will land in trouble.

What are illegal activities that are being discussed here?

Well, illegal can be a very broad term. It is not necessary that you will fall into this category when you plan on breaking the search engines and causing troubles with spamming and user’s data manipulation. Your action can be considered illegal if you did not take permission to use an image as well.

What Permission? Do I need a permit?

If this was your response as well, then you need to think of this from another perspective. Let’s consider you created a really good infographic with huge potential by investing days and nights on it. You complete the infographic and upload it.

Someone goes ahead and saves that image and reuploads it on his website and start stealing all your viewers. What happens now?

Here comes the legal part. You can send a notice to the guy and get the picture removed and get the blog shut down as well.

This was simply an example of how you are using displaying the information and if you have proper permission to publish that information or not.

How to deal with this issue?

Here is a list of things that you can do to protect yourself from falling on lines and doing bad things.

  • Start with your privacy policy page and then the disclaimers on the website. Make sure your privacy policy page is understandable and clear to understand. WordPress has its policy page generator which can help you in getting the privacy page ready.
  • Give Cookie policy notifications and let your users know that cookies are being stored to enhance their user experience.
  • Make sure you use copyright free media for your website, and double check the images, music, and videos you are using on your website are under fair use, and you have proper permission to use them as well.

  • Have a disclaimer on your blog disclaimer page regarding the backing of information being posted on the blogs. Especially if you are accepting guest blogs and articles.
  • Do go with content Plagiarism check to check the authenticity of your articles and DO NOT copy paste articles from other blogs. This will help you in content search engine optimization as well.

Note: None of this constitutes any legal advice, and if you need that, it would be better if you consult a lawyer or consulting firm.

This was all about the legal issues. There are lots of other legal stuff about blogging, but that depends on special cases only so you no need to worry about that in advance. Simply make sure that you are following good practices and you might not face any issue.

Over to you!

I hope that you found the solution to your problem. If you were here to get your blog ready for any future problems, just simply go for the solutions. And you will be much better prepared for any blogging troubles along with your blogging journey.

Remember, problems will always be there. But if you want to make blogging your career option, you need to focus on how you can overcome these problems and can grow your blog bit by bit every day.

Follow the steps mentioned above whether it is regarding content curation or beautifying your blog design, it will help you.

Is your problem not listed here? Just comment it down below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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